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About 2020 Vision

What is 2020 Vision?

West Sussex 2020 Vision is the cross-agency future vision and strategy for domestic and sexual violence services across West Sussex. At a time when current and future financial constraints are so tight the need for more effective and efficient ways of working together to provide domestic and sexual violence services is paramount. It is essential that all partners and stakeholders share in the development of a long term vision and strategy for domestic and sexual violence services.

The West Sussex 2020 Vision will:

Increase the safety and recovery of victims and their children.
Increase the quality and availability of services
Increase the return on investment
Provide more options for services users
Provide services that meet the needs of victims, children and perpetrators

This project is sponsored by The West Sussex Domestic/Sexual Violence Strategic Board (WSDSVB).

Purpose of the Think Tank:

The purpose of the Think Tank is to provide an arena in which all stakeholders can participate in and contribute West Sussex 2020 Vision. Become a member of 2020 Vision Think Tank: register!

Objectives of the Think Tank:

To discuss international and national innovative and effective practices.
To learn from the expertise, knowledge and experience of the local community and voluntary services working in this field.
To open up dialogue about new ways of working with people affected by domestic violence in West Sussex; the victim, the perpetrator and their children.
To identify possible joint commissioning opportunities.
To garner opinion and build consensus from the widest range of stakeholders.
To inform the cross agency, county-wide vision and strategy for domestic and sexual violence services in West Sussex.

Format of the Think Tank:

West Sussex 2020 Vision: Think Tank is a series of 12 bi-monthly events across the County open to all stakeholders. Anyone who lives or works in West Sussex is considered a stakeholder. Look at the calendar for the next event:

Listening, Talking & Building Consensus

The events will combine international, national and local speakers with stakeholder workshops. All presentations are archived on the website (link to Think Tank archives) and accessible to all. The on-line Think Tank community is enhanced by the forum which allows members to discuss the topics and issues on-line. Click here to become a Think Tank member and start to discuss these important issues today.

Measures of Success

A widely-supported cross-agency Strategy and Implementation Plan for the future of Domestic and Sexual Violence Services across West Sussex that all relevant organisations understand and commit to deliver.

To become a Think Tank Member please follow this link: register!

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